Value Based Insurance Design

The premise of Value Based Insurance Design, and the focus of VBID Health, is to align patients' out-of-pocket costs, such as copayments and deductibles, with the value of health services.

Latest News & Events

Drs. Fendrick and Chernew Publish a Paper on Using "Smarter" Deductibles To Engage Consumers.
A new study for the American Health Policy Institute (AHPI) called "Using Data-Driven Disruption to Reduce Wasteful Healthcare Spending" with an introduction from Tevi Troy, AHPI's President.
VBID Health outlines recommendations for implementing Value Based Insurance Designs in the Medicare Advantage program.
Self-insured employers could help providers reduce wasteful spending by leveraging population health management and big data analytics techniques.
VBID Health partner Dr. Chernew coauthors a report that recommends transitioning to a global payment model in Medicare.