Emphasizing the Health in Health Care

Value Based Insurance Design Health specializes in designing and promoting health benefits plans that get more health out of every health care dollar spent.

The U.S. spends over $3 trillion on health care – everyone agrees we should be getting more “health” out of that investment. Instead, many employers and plans are paying for the wrong things. VBID Health provides streamlined, Value Based Insurance Design consulting services to facilitate creation and adoption of VBID plans and increase patient, employee, and enrollee health.

VBID Health assists employers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to City Governments, health insurance plans, and health systems in designing health care benefits packages.

Plans that incorporate VBID principles increase access to necessary treatments, improve adherence to medication and treatment plans, engage patients, and ensure the best clinical outcomes for employees and enrollees. This ultimately decreases long-term health care costs and increases patient quality of life and worker productivity.

Our clients include entities that are just learning of the benefits of VBID principles as well as companies that are already experiencing the rewards of VBID and are looking to fine-tune their programs.

''The U.S. spends over $3 trillion on health care''