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"I highly recommend working with VBID Health. We at Maine Community Health Options, Maine’s Health Insurance CO-OP, were resolved from the beginning to construct a benefit design founded upon Value Based Insurance Design elements. It was a logical choice that we would work with Dr. Mark Fendrick to make this vision a reality. VBID Health helped us craft a benefit design that puts patients first, with minimal copays and coinsurances for evidence based, high value care. I’m confident these common sense ideas will appeal to Maine residents and contribute towards Triple Aim achievement in Maine"
Kevin Lewis
Chief Executive Officer, Maine Community Health Options

Value Based Insurance Design (VBID), and the work of VBID Health, has garnered recent attention from high profile state health policy makers. In a U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, Director of South Carolina Health and Human Services Anthony Keck testified that he was a “strong believer in VBID” and hoped to use clinically nuanced designs in the state’s Medicaid program.

''VBID Health was a great help to us. Blanchard Valley Health System has been a longtime supporter of Value Based Insurance Design and we gained a deeper understanding of the concepts by working with Dr. Fendrick and Dr. Chernew of VBID Health. Employers in the area are also interested in Value Based Insurance Design and have made progress increasing health care quality and decreasing cost by incorporating value based benefit design and incentivizing use of Patient Centered Medical Homes. VBID Health made an inspiring presentation to area employers and providers, sparking greater interest in collaboration and potential partnerships.''
Scott Malaney
President and CEO, Blanchard Valley Health System

Separately, during a national summit on state health insurance exchanges, Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, noted that his state was examining VBID’s role in the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange and that the VBID concept could “improve health outcomes and lower costs.”

The recent remarks by health policy experts demonstrate the growing momentum for VBID as a bipartisan idea with broad support. VBID, driven by the employer community, has become a popular and practical solution for private and public payers hoping to move the health care system away from volume and toward value. 

''Dr. Fendrick was instrumental in helping Blue Shield of California design one of our innovative new products, Blue Groove. The Blue Groove plan is an example of the principles Dr. Fendrick and his colleagues have advocated for over a decade -- an integrated approach to care delivery that combines supply-side process improvements and best practices with demand-side incentives that reward healthy behavior and appropriate use of services to improve quality and drive down cost. As these incentives continue to be aligned, patients and providers are better enabled to achieve greater health.''
Andy Chasin
Associate General Counsel for Health Reform, Blue Shield of California
"VBID Health helped us craft a benefit design that puts patients first, with minimal copays and coinsurances for evidence based, high value care."
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