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Value Based Insurance Design

The premise of Value Based Insurance Design, and the focus of VBID Health, is to align patients’ out-of-pocket costs, such as copayments and deductibles, with the value of health services.

Low-Value Care

The US spends more on health care per capita than any other country but does not achieve outcomes commensurate with that spending.

A substantial share of this spending is devoted to services that buy no additional health, and in some instances, expose patients to serious harm. 

Latest News & Events

Low-Value Care Task Force Newsletter

This update includes the most recent resources addressing the need to measure and mitigate the use of low-value care.

Updated Impact of HSA-HDHP Reform

2019 analysis shows improving HSA-HDHP coverage for chronic disease prevention would likely be cost-neutral.

Impact of HSA-HDHP Reform

Analysis shows small cost of improving access to chronic disease management medications for enrollees in high-deductible plans.

Low-Value Care Task Force

Billions of dollars are spent every year on low-value medical care in the US. V-BID Health is organizing a multi-stakeholder task force to address this critical issue.

Altarum and VBID Health Launch Consortium to Address Waste in Health Care

Altarum and VBID Health launch Research Consortium for Health Care Value Assessment. Read the concept paper for state-based leadership on low-value care reduction” (the first link is the same but we just published the concept paper.

“Smarter” Deductibles¬†

Drs. Fendrick and Chernew Publish a Paper on Using “Smarter” Deductibles To Engage Consumers.

New Health Study

A new study for the American Health Policy Institute (AHPI) called “Using Data-Driven Disruption to Reduce Wasteful Healthcare Spending” with an introduction from Tevi Troy, AHPI’s President.

Report on Global Payments

VBID Health partner Dr. Chernew coauthors a report that recommends transitioning to a global payment model in Medicare.

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